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Are you tired of endless requirements to qualify for bank financing? Colony Ridge has given thousands of people just like you the opportunity to purchase land and build a dream, with owner financing. You apply, you qualify! We have conducted business with the philosophy of no more throwing money away in rend by owning your own land, your own property, follow your American dream. Come give us an opportunity and we will make your dream come true!

  • Owner Financing
  • $500 Down
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Immediate Possession
  • No Pre-Pay Penalty
  • Fixed Interest Rates

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Looking for a place to live in North Houston, Northeast Houston, Cleveland or Plum Grove Areas?

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Information about utility companies, applications, permits, construction, taxes, poa and aother services.

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Payment Options

We provide our customers with three convenient ways to make their payments. Online, By Mail, or In Person.

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